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Unplug the washer and remove the top and back washer panels. Remove the rotor mounting bolt and pull off the motor rotor. Check the magnets on the inside edge of the rotor for damage and replace the rotor if you find broken magnets. Check the wire harness connections between the electronic control board and the drive motor.
LED blinks 6 times, then repeats (Current trip). You may have a problem with the sealed system. Compressor is running at high current causing circuit to shutdown and wait 6 minutes to try again. Is the compressor extremely hot to the touch? If so, you may have a blocked sealed system or the compressor is running extremely hard.
Burnt out the control board. It can happen during sudden surges in electricity. In this case, error code 33 e appears due to irreparable damage.
The dispenser actuator is broken. The dispenser door motor is not working. Dispenser solenoid is defective. Ice bucket auget is broken. The ice crusher blade is bent or broken. 5. Samsung Refrigerator Not Defrosting Defrost control board is defective. Defrost timer might be defective. Defrost heater assembly is defective.
The first 3 LG AC errors are the most commonly reported – that’s why they are listed first and out of order = These lights are flashing – CH05 – CH10. – Turn off the circuit breaker